The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) is considering a revision of their doctrinal statement to be a little less dispensational. For those who like fewer syllables, that means that they want to include people in their membership who do not believe in a rapture or the actual return of Christ to fulfill the promises given to Israel and to establish political rule in Jerusalem. To help in the discussion, the EFCA’s Midwinter Ministerial Conference this year was on “Hermeneutics and Eschatology”. Once again, in less syllables, how does our handling of the Scriptures affect our view of the end times?

The speakers were Dr. Elliott Johnson from Dallas Theological Seminary, who spoke from the traditional dispensationalist camp; Dr. Darrell Bock, also from DTS, who spoke from as a progressive dispensationalist; Dr. Douglas Moo from Wheaton College, who spoke as a historic premillenialist; and Dr. Gregory Beale, also from Wheaton, who spoke as an inaugurated millenialist (aka amillenial). You can find the audio here. It was very stimulating discussion