When I returned to my office this afternoon after a lunch with some other pastors in the area, I received the news that Thomas Road Baptist Church, Liberty University and Moral Majority founder Dr. Jerry Falwell went home to meet his Savior. He was 73 years old.

Though I did not agree with certain things with Dr. Falwell theologically (we had different views on soteriology), socio-politically (we differed on how Christians engage the culture and state), and I am well aware of his words against Brown v. Board of Education in the fifties, the civil rights movement (which he called “the civil wrongs movement”), and Desmond Tutu (he supported South African apartheid and called Tutu “a phony”), one thing I am certain of was his love for Jesus and that salvation only came through faith in His subtitutionary death and resurrection. And that is why I know that he is in the presence of Jesus right now. I praise God for his work for the Gospel, and I praise God for the men and women who have graduated from Liberty University that have particularly impacted my life. Please pray for the Falwell family, the Thomas Road family, and for the Liberty family. And let us rejoice that God has allowed one more of His children to enter His presence with exceeding joy.