Though this sounds like a good opener for a joke, Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens walked into a room the other day. But they were there for a debate. The debate was on Hitchens’ new attention-getting book, God Is Not Great. It left me unimpressed with both Sharpton and Hitchens, to be honest.

There are some reasons why we should check this out, though. One is that the book is gaining a lot of recognition. We need to know the argument (if any) fueling the book, which has already gained notoriety for its harsh, gut-punching style. Another reason is that it helps you to know where Rev. Sharpton stands theologically. To debate a brash atheist is not easy. One must know deeply the truth about God and His creation as revealed in the Scriptures. I was disappointed with Mr. Sharpton.

The alums at Master’s Seminary have commented on the debate as well.