God has truly blessed me. I know that it is by His grace because I had absolutely no choice in the matter. In fact, I wasn’t even born. God has blessed me with a lineage of believers. My parents believe in the Gospel. Their parents did (only my mom’s mother is still alive, and I don’t know about my father’s dad), too. My dad’s grandmother, still alive at 90 years old, believes in the Gospel, too. My wife’s parents believe in the Gospel. Her dad’s parents believed in the Gospel; they are home with the Lord. Her mom’s parents believe in the Gospel, as best as I can tell.

I realize that this has kept me from a lot of situations and scenarios that many others have had to endure. I consider it grace. Looking at my lineage has given me a greater admiration for Jesus. I praise God because I have seen their pitfalls. Each person I’ve mentioned has committed sin. But they have received grace through the cross. I praise Jesus for His lovingkindness.

I also admire them as people. They are hard workers. They have all committed themselves to their jobs and their families. I am humbled to say that only death has separated the marriages mentioned (my father’s parents have both passed, and my mom’s father has, also). I pray that I will be the devoted spouse and parent that I have seen in my family. I pray that I will continue the legacy that my family has entrusted to me. I pray that my son will one day receive Jesus as His Savior. I pray that one day he too will rejoice in the grace that God has given us. What a joy to know that we all will stand together in glory.