It’s funny how much of our youth don’t even know that they are being bamboozled by the business world into spending their money and worshipping the idols that are sold to them, all in the name of being “cool”. If you think that I am exaggerating when I call it idolatry, consider: 

  • Who determines what is cool and what is not?
  • Why do we spend so much time thinking about what we “must have”, only to be disappointed once we get it?
  • Why do things look so much better in advertisements?
  • Why do people always look happy in music videos and other media?

The short answer: Our culture exploits the idolatry of the human heart in order to gain more money and power. They do not care about our financial stewardship, our contentment with what we have, or even the devastating personal and cultural consequences with buying the “lie”-style that they sell us.

I encourage you to watch the video, “The Merchants of Cool”. It originally aired on PBS a few years ago. It is slightly dated, but I would not be surprised if the mindset and strategies were still the same. Instead of teaching wisdom to the young, they are instead exploited for the money they (foolishly?) carry. I hope that if you are a parent, you will watch this and protect your children, and if you know any teens, pray for their souls.