In my Christian Home class, my prof read this op-ed piece from the Star-Telegram, called “Read about a family of a different feather”. Written by Sarah Yoest Pederson, it refers specifically to the top banned-book of 2006, And Tango Makes Three, a book for preschool aged kids about Tango, an adopted penguin with two homosexual dads. Pederson writes,

…we were driving home from our little girl’s fifth birthday party when the moment we’d been anticipating arrived.
“Hey, Mom,” came the voice from the back seat. “How can [Sam] have two moms and no dad? Doesn’t every baby have to have a dad?”
I took a deep breath and started in.
“Well, you’re right — God takes a seed from the mom and a seed from the dad to make a baby. But with [Sam’s] family, the dad isn’t there now.
“There are all kinds of ways to be a family. Daddy and I think our way is best for our
family. [Sam’s] moms probably think their way is best for their family.”
She didn’t spend much time chewing on that, picking out the unanswered questions in
the deliberately vague answer.”Oh,” she said. “I get it.”She paused.”Can I open my presents as soon as we get home?”
And that was that.

It is sad that one can see that God is the One who “takes a seed from the mom and a seed from the dad to make a baby”, but can’t see that God is also the One who created mom and dad, and therefore determines how they are to live, and he even commands certain sexual desires and acts to be abominable. O that she could see that autonomy is not the ultimate good (i.e., “There are all kinds of ways to be a family”), but that God created heterosexual marriage and called it good (Gen. 1:26-28, 31; cf. Prov. 18:22; Matt. 19:6). O that God would remove her heart of stone and give her a heart of flesh that loves what is true and right and glorious– namely, God Himself– and that she would therefore love what most reflects the truth and righteousness and glory of God (Ez. 36:26-27). In other words, I pray that she would know Jesus Christ crucified, risen, ascended, and soon returning– and that the Holy Spirit would indwell her and fill her with all the fullness of God (Eph. 3:14-21). Then she will have the mind of Christ to see how evil books like Tango really are, and she would instead instruct her child to walk in wisdom and truth, and that she would, Lord willing, join a flock of birds with a totally different feather– feathers washed in Jesus’ blood and clothed in His righteousness.