Dr. Walter Kaiser, Jr., president emeritus at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and eminent Old Testament scholar, writes in The Majesty of God in the Old Testament,

How can a heart hungry and starved for God be filled? It can be filled only by beholding all over again the greatness and the glory of God. The soul-satisfaction that comes from feasting on the person, power, love, and glory of God is better than any banquet of the richest foods. In fact, one can get his
or her fill of food, but there can never come any sense of being overly full or stuffed from the satisfaction of meditating on the greatness of our God. There is not a worry or a concern about becoming overweight or overindulging when it comes to our soul’s hunger for God. It is simply limitless!

What a caution this raises, then, about all trite comparisons or limitations what we would make equal to the powers and qualities of God’s greatness! To which of all God’s works would we like to offer some comparable duplications of our own devising? What nation’s achievements would we suggest as
a match to the mighty works of God?

Obviously, there is nothing comparable. That is why we must be taught, or teach ourselves all over again, the biblical texts that call us to magnify the majestc and awesome name of our God (13-14)!