If you turn on the news today, you will probably hear about the shocking death of 28-year old actor Heath Ledger. He was found dead in his bed yesterday morning by his masseuse after he missed his normal appointment. Many people will say things about the potential he had to become a great actor, and many others will probably mention his groundbreaking(?) film, Brokeback Mountain. I am saddened to hear that someone would lose his life suddenly like that, and if it was a suicide, I am even more saddened that he did not find all true saving joy in Christ to live life to the fullest. I am saddened to know that there was no visual evidence of any faith in Jesus, and thus he could be preparing for everlasting doom right now.

But what saddens me more than anything is that another man passed away who will probably not make the headlines today. He lived for a cause much greater than the popularizing of homosexuality. He co-wrote a book that led to the rescuing of a denomination from getting its lamp blown out. He served the Church faithfully and helped in raising up a generation of preachers and careful biblical thinkers. His name was L. Russ Bush.

After reading his works, I’m not sure that Dr. Bush would even care about the fact that he’s getting little press. He’s in the presence of his Savior right now, and will be delighting in him for all eternity. That’s a treasure that media attention could never duplicate.

Dr. Albert Mohler has written a post on Dr. Bush here.