Recently I bought my beautiful bride a bouquet of roses. Seminary life is hard and sometimes impossible, and I wanted her to know that I love her more now than ever before. I must be honest in saying that I felt a little bit of pride when I saw her face light up, and the big tears in her eyes. I loved how she stood back to look at the roses in her specially-picked vase, and how she would move up close to smell each individual one. “Look at this one,” she said. “It’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen a rose like that one before.” I was cool on the outside, but ecstatic on the inside!

I think that God feels the same way when we see what he is doing among mankind. He loves it when we marvel at what he is doing among all of the nations, when we see the big picture, if you will. He also loves it when we focus on one people, and marvel at what he is doing in a specific culture. In fact, I believe that we miss something of God’s greatness and grace when we abandon one for the other. We must cultivate “20/20 vision”, as I mentioned in an earlier post.

I was very encouraged by Q’s recent post, “All History is God’s History”. I pray that even in March we still have reason to glory in our Sovereign Creator for what he has done and is doing in drawing blacks to his precious Son. Let’s marvel at God’s brilliance as we observe the design of his plan among a single people, and let’s shout even louder as we see that rose in the context of the bouquet of nations and cultures and tribes and languages purchased by the blood of the Redeemer.