Because of the record-high abortion and infaniticide rates for baby girls in India, the Indian government has decided to give incentives to families to keep their daughters alive. They could pay families up to $2,500 dollars. It is a sad day when families have to be paid to keep from killing their children, when parents will protect their children’s lives not out of love for their children, but for the love of money. It is indeed a sobering reminder of our total depravity and the desparate need for the Gospel to spread to all nations.

At the same time, I do have to say that I’m surprised that the Indian government is doing something to curb sex-selective abortions. Though I think the method caters too much to human greed, I hope that this will at least provide an opportunity for Christians in India to unfold a biblical view of human worth and dignity as image-bearers, and to uphold Christ, who is the image of God.