For those who were wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth, I am still here, by God’s grace. I have had a huge chunk of classwork to plow through, and I’m still not done yet. I appreciate your prayers.

Also, for those who did not know, I will be attending Together for the Gospel next week, Lord willing. Because I’m sure there will be plenty of people liveblogging on the conference, I decided that I would do something different. I plan to blog my way through the words of the original T4G-er, the apostle Paul. “Together for the Gospel”, I believe, is the very subject of his letter to the Philippians. Those working together for the Gospel with humility and love will find joy in God’s glory amidst suffering. I am sure that Paul’s words then will be very timely for us now as we ponder again what such unity and teamwork could do for the sake of God’s name.