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How many people are genuinely sick of the wrap on the black church in the media?? How many of you are embarrassed by the love affair between the black church, liberation theology and prosperity “theology”? Perhaps I should rephrase my questions a little: How many of you are actually working to reform the black church???

Some men on the frontlines have written books to spread the reformation. All of these books should be out in the next six(?) weeks.First up to bat is Eric Redmond with his book, Where Are All the Brothers? Straight Answers to Men’s Questions about the Church. Check out the Crossway link, which has samples for reading. Let’s pray that God will use this to restore biblical manhood/male headship back in homes, churches and communities.

Next up are Revs Tony Carter, Ken Jones and Michael Leach with the book, Experiencing the Truth: Bringing the Reformation to the African-American Church. Each call for vibrant, Reformed churches where African-Americans can worship the God who reigns in all of his glory and splendor, as he has revealed himself in the Scriptures. Let’s pray that God will use this book to turn the black church from its ingrown self-centeredness to worship the all-glorious, all-conquering God who saves for his renown.

And finally, Thabiti Anyabwile has a new book coming out called What Is a Healthy Church Member? He is looking at the church at large, but what a resource this will be for those within the black church especially, as there is much reform that needs to be done in the mindset of church membership. Please pray that God will use this to correct many generations of erroneous thinking concerning church membership, that he will develop a truly Christ-centered community of worshippers.

Godly men leading their homes and churches to a God-centered view of salvation and life, forming relationships and communities that are God-centered and genuinely loving… that sounds like a reformation!! Please get these books, and spread the word!