For those of you who have been finishing up projects and writing papers and doing finals, you may have missed the news in the last few weeks, and have not heard about the tragic catastrophes that have occured in our nation and around the world.

Please pray for the victims of the Myanmar cyclone, as they are still picking up the pieces, and pray that God will send relief quickly. (Update: Justin Taylor has this on the aid, or lack thereof, that Myanmar is receiving.)

Please pray for the victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri. Pray especially for the small towns, as they are already stricken with poverty (in American terms), and many are now homeless.

Please pray for the victims of the China earthquake. Pray that the death toll will not reach Myanmar numbers, and that the chemicals that were in the chemical plants do not infect thousands more. Pray that those trapped in buildings will be rescued.

Above all, please pray that many will see these events on the news or on the web or hear them on the radio and turn to Jesus. Pray that they will see these things and tremble for their lives. Pray that God will station laborers in the fields who will proclaim the wrath of God on their souls and point them to Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move in those areas and in all areas watching, so that many will repent, and God will be glorified.