Anthony Bradley offers this apology to the next generation:

I would like to apologize to any high school senior taught to serve the Christian version of the American Dream. You were created for mission and you were never encouraged. In high school, you were baby sat, entertained, shamed, taught how to be “nice,” kept busy with lots of programs, told not to sin (have sex, watch porn, get drunk, have long hair), and ventured on 10-day missions trip to Jamaica over Christmas. But you were never given a picture for your role in the mission of God to redeem His creation. Your faith has been totally undermined by a Christianity of privatization: you and Jesus. You were given the monastic vision of Christianity as a life of personal piety in isolation, raised to live in the Christian ghetto where it’s safe.

Pursuing the adventure of being “salt and light” is not something you were encouraged to do, especially if that meant sacrificing your personal safety and material comfort. Many of you have been discouraged from sharing your life with non-Christians because it was not modeled for you. This is not the way of Jesus, and for that I apologize. Class of 2008, seek first the Kingdom, not putrid idols like a struggle-free life and upward mobility.