I am not as gullible as others when it comes to change. Perhaps it’s because I’ve read enough of history to know that change via politics has a dubious track record. And perhaps it’s because I’ve read enough of Scripture to hope in the Lord and not in the next great orator. But God still works in common grace through our world and through our nation, and I can’t help but marvel at what he is doing.

Though I have some serious concerns with the (unofficial) presidential nominees, I marvel that a day has come when an African-American has a 50% chance of holding the highest office in the land… yea, in the world. I praise God that enough of America has not withheld a man this possibility on the basis of his skin color. In the present administration we have seen two African-American secretaries of state, an Hispanic attorney general, an Hispanic secretary of commerce, an Asian secretary of labor and a Jewish secretary of homeland security. President Bush is to be commended. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new day in America…

I also marvel that this event is occuring while I have just finished my first year of seminary. This amazes me because about two generations ago, I would not have been welcome in most conservative evangelical seminaries. I praise God for how he has blazed a trail through many other men and women so that I can be in a seminary studying alongside people from all ethnicities and nations.

I marvel that God is moving in his Church. I praise him for those who have a pastoral heart for the black community not because they share the same experiences, but because of the love of God in Christ Jesus. I praise him for churches who are passionate about cultivating a community that embraces multi-ethnicity and multi-culturalism for the glory of God and the spread of the gospel. I praise him for ministries like the Gospel Coalition and Council of Reforming Churches that have as their goal the cultivation of gospel-centered, Christ-centered communities among all peoples.

I praise God for the surge of gospel-minded songwriters. People like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Steven Curtis Chapman and others are doing their thing in the pop/rock world, while guys like LeCrae, Trip Lee, Flame, Tedashii and others are taking to the streets through rap. These songs are not just being recorded, they’re being sung. And when the gospel is the message we preach, the fellowship we share and the song we sing, things happen.

So I’m excited. I’m not gullible. There have been conflicts to the Spirit’s move in forming the Church since its beginning. But our God triumphs over the evils of racism and false doctrine, and when we see little glimpses of that victory, I rejoice. Would you rejoice with me?