Though I am amazed at the accomplishment of this year’s presidential election, I am hesitant to be elated over Sen. Obama (for the record, Sen. McCain does not thrill me either). For if Sen. Obama had his legislative way, Gianna Jensen would not be alive. 31 years ago, Gianna Jensen’s mother attempted to abort her, but she survived and is alive and well. It’s ironic that the “audacity of hope” is hopeless for those at the beginning of human life. But, as Robert George says,

at all stages of our lives — from the embryonic through the fetal, infant, child, and adolescent stages and into adulthood — we are human beings with dignity and the right to life. Our dignity does not come from having achieved a certain level of intellectual proficiency or even conscious awareness. … We have our dignity in virtue of the kind of entity we are: that is human being, a creature with a rational nature. And we became that when we came to be.

(By the way, I highly recommend his book, Embryo: a Defense of Human Life, co-authored by Christopher Tollefson. Thanks also to Joe, the uber-conservative, for the link to this post of another child in England that survived an abortion. May the mouth of babes silence God’s enemies–Ps. 8.)