Eric Redmond has posted a very good piece on why African-Americans might consider Obama even with his pro-choice, pro-homosexual policies (Note: he did not say why they should consider Obama, nor did he say that he would consider Obama. It’s not intended to be an endorsement).

Matt Kaufman has an interesting article on what we can learn from high gas prices.

Christianity Today has entered The Shack conversation (Note: you have to read all of the articles to understand the various approaches to the book, and please remember that you understand who God is from reading and meditating on the Scriptures, not some New York Times bestseller!!).

Ed Gilbreath (author of a very insightful book, Reconciliation Blues) is wondering if Jesse Jackson had something up his sleeve with his all-too-peculiar comments concerning Sen. Obama.

And Erik Raymond (notice the sort of inclusio) gives high praise for Shai Linne’s new CD, The Atonement. For those who have no idea who Shai Linne is (of whom Erik says, “What would Issac Watts’ music sound like if he was alive today and lived in North Philadelphia?  I think it would sound a lot like what we hear on Shai Linne’s latest album”), this should whet your appetite: