I was surprised to see this article on CNN’s website today. It seems like it’s a part of their continuing discussion, “Black in America”. I was surprised because it is a candid look at many pastors’ vision for multi-ethnic churches, and the struggles that they have to endure to see it come to fruition. Of note is the story of Dwight Pryor:

Interracial congregations often include people who probably wouldn’t have become friends in any other circumstances. They are people like Dwight Pryor, a black man who grew up in segregated Mississippi seeing blacks brutalized by whites. He says he grew up disliking white people.

Today, Pryor says he is best friends with a white member of Wilcrest, a man who grew up in Alabama during segregation in a family that hated blacks.

When Pryor sees his friend on Sunday, he says he no longer sees a “they” or a “them” trying to invade his world.

He sees his brother in Christ.

“We come to love each other,” he says. “When I look into his eyes, I can see the love of Jesus Christ. He and I have become friends.”

In the end, isn’t that what Christ called us to display?