Douglas Wilson thinks it’s very possible, and his argument is definitely worth reading. Here is an excerpt:

Now consider Sarah Palin’s position — both her story and her gifts. Her story demolishes, in a way no syllogism could, the central appeals of the pro-aborts. And they love to play the violin with this question — remember that Obama was asked the question earlier in this election cycle. This is a staple in our campaigns: “What if your daughter . . .” “What if your wife . . .”

Suppose you were a middle-aged woman with a bright political career ahead of you, perhaps even at the national level. You and your husband are surprised by a pregnancy, and then on top of that you discover that your baby is a Down’s child. We live in a culture that has been prepared in countless ways to accept the story that “we had to make a tough choice.” And we are then astonished when someone, instead of making the “tough choice,” makes a tough choice instead — in the full confidence that it is the right choice. Sarah Palin is a “no exceptions” pro-lifer and apparently she believes that the law of God includes her.

So the question, somewhat bewildered, retreats. “All right. You and your husband wanted to keep your baby. But suppose your political career, and the goals you had worked so hard to achieve, were all threatened because your seventeen-year-old daughter got pregnant. And this will disrupt her life also — wouldn’t the compassionate thing be to . . . oh, never mind.” Think of this as a novel. Think of it as a story. What is being foreshadowed? What is coming?

…we must not overlook the fact that she presents an absolutely devastating challenge to the feminist narrative for women, and there are no mights involved. Here is a woman who (for the sake of principle) has refused to sacrifice those things which feminists insist (in principle) must be sacrificed so that women can reach their “full potential.” As a result of refusing the central dogma of their feminism, she might well become the first woman president. That’ll do something to your little leftist narrative.