All that I know about this is that it was written by Charles Wesley. If you have any more info, could you pleae let me know? I don’t know if he composed any music for it, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to sing this in our churches?!

Shall foolish, weak, short-sighted man

   Beyond archangels go,

The great Almighty God explain,

   Or to perfection know?

His attributes divinely soar

   Above the creatures’ sight,

And prostrate seraphim adore

   The glorious Infinite.


Jehovah’s everlasting days

   They cannot numbered be,

Incomprehensible the space

   Of thine immensity

Thy wisdom’s depths by reason’s line

   In vain we strive to sound,

Or stretch our labouring thought t’assign

   Omnipotence a bound.


The brightness of thy glories leaves

   Description far below;

Nor man, nor angels’ heart conceives

   How deep thy mercies flow:

Thy love is most unsearchable

   And dazzles all above;

They gaze but cannot count or tell

   The treasures of thy love.