For those who did not know, Dr. Leland Ryken, Clyde Kilby professor of English at Wheaton College, gave a lecture series at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary this week on understanding the Bible as literature. Here are his lectures:

  • The Bible as Literature: Understanding What the Concept Means (stream) (mp3) (video)
  • The Bible as Literature: Implications for the Seminary and the Pulpit (stream) (mp3) (video)

For those who aren’t familiar with Dr. Ryken, he is a tremendous scholar and a proponent of a literary approach to the Scriptures. His books, How to Read the Bible as Literature, Words of Delight, and The Christian Imagination were some of the most important books I read in my college years. I’d encourage you to get these books. They helped open my eyes to see not just words, but the beautiful colors and designs and pictures that those words create. You’ll never read the Bible (or any other book) the same again.