Many of you have noticed that Rev. Eric Redmond has “resigned” from Hillcrest Baptist Church. Melvin Jones has clarified that “resigned” is more like “driven out”, and it seems like the driving out process has finally ended. As of this past Sunday, he is no longer at Hillcrest. This is earlier than the January 14 date set before, but there were people in the leadership/congregation who made sure that he would not stay that long.

As I stated before, pray for him, his wife Pam, and their five children. Pray also for the flock that remains, for there are wolves who are ready to pounce now that they’ve ousted the shepherd. But do they know that there is a Chief Shepherd who will pounce on them if they do not repent (cf. Luke 17:1-2; 2 Thess. 1:3-12)? Pray also that God will have grace to keep a lampstand in the 20748 zip code (cf. Rev. 2:1-7). And pray that the evil in the midst of this church will be purged from top to bottom, for the sake of her witness in the community, and for the sake of God’s name.