For those who have taken the ostrich approach to the latest brouhaha in SBC circles, the “debate” over Calvinism in the SBC has taken on Gettysburg-like proportions. Let’s see if I can keep up the discussion (big breath):

  • Dr. Steve Lemke wrote an article about Calvinism, entitled, “What Is a Baptist? Nine Marks that Separate Baptists from Presbyterians”
  • Justin Taylor and Timmy Brister both wrote responses to the article (I should also note that the Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministryalso included responses to Dr. Lemke’s article)
  • Dr. David Allen published a review of the book edition of the “Building Bridges” conference, entitled, Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue”, where he, among other things, questioned Lifeway and Southeastern Seminary’s association with Dr. Tom Ascol’s Founders Ministries, who have a Calvinist agenda
  • At the John 3:16 conference, Dr. Allen called Drs. Robert Reymond and James White hyper-Calvinists, based on the definition given by Dr. Phil Johnson in his “Primer on Hyper-Calvinism
  • Drs. Johnson and White both responded to Dr. Allen’s claims
  • Dr. Allen resonded to their responses
  • Dr. Voddie Baucham commented on Calvinism and the SBC
  • Dr. Tom Ascol commented on Drs. Lemke and Allen and the John 3:16 conference, calling Dr. Malcolm Yarnell and Dr. Allen, among others, “anti-Calvinists”
  • Dr. Johnson re-responded to Dr. Allen
  • Dr. Yarnell responded to Dr. Ascol

So there you have it in a nutshell. The Southern Baptist Convention, one big happy (albeit dysfunctional) family. To steal a line from this year’s presidential election, it seems that if the SBC continues at this pace, any effort to build bridges will just lead to nowhere.

[Update: Dr. Ascol responded to Dr. Allen’s response, and Ed Stetzer gave a response regarding his stats]