I received this from my dad. I’ve posted it because, though I cannot remember Mr. Harvey or his wife very well, they came at a pivotal time in my parents’ relationship with each other and with Jesus, and therefore, I am deeply indebted to him and his wife. I pray that God will be with Mr. Harvey, and that I would be an influence for future generations like he was for my parents and siblings. Here is what Dad wrote:

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all. I hope everyone is doing fine.

Please keep my good friend Harvey Smith and his family in your prayers. We have known each other since my early days at Kodak in Rochester, New York (1982) and he has helped me keep my eyes on the prize even when it wasn’t easy. In fact, there is the possibility I might not have ever seen the prize if it was not for some grounded saints at Kodak like Harvey. The Smith’s took me and my family in like their own family. Whenever we are in the Rochester area, we make it our business to visit them and we eat at their table and sit on their good furniture if you know what I mean…just like home. Harvey is a steadfast Brother to say the least, and Mary was like the Mom everyone wanted to have and in no ways ashamed of the Gospel. Well, I spoke to him during the Thanksgiving Holiday and he informed me that he had been going through treatment for Prostate Cancer. Well, yesterday he called and informed us that his wife of 60 some odd years (they had known each other since the 1940’s) passed last week. They buried her last Monday. There were no known health issues with her, but it was just time for her to receive her reward. The good thing is Harvey, Mary, Harold and Marita Smith (2 of the 3 kids) all know the Lord, Mary just knows him better today than she did last week, Praise His Name!!! Harvey III is the third child and I am not sure of his relationship with the Lord. I believe I met him once, but he was not around much.

I spoke to Harvey, Marita, and Harold yesterday at length and they all seem to have the right perspective on life and death. I know there is a void that only God can fill, not with another person save Jesus himself. My pastor, Pastor Mark, said the other day that we generally send mixed messages when we always talk about Heaven and going there, but just do not want to go today!!! I had another good friend named Frank Smith. We attended First Bible Baptist Church in Greece, New York together. One of the things I remembered about Frank (whom had health issues too, he had to have his voice box removed and he used a walker, but was oh so faithful to his Lord… putting many of us “able bodied” people to shame), is that he wore a button on his lapel that was a trumpet with the words in quotes, “Perhaps Today!”

Clem and Beverley, when you go to Rochester to visit your family, please stop through Cady Place and see Harvey. I believe the Lord has ordained it so. Beverley knows the house.

Thank you for joining me in prayer. I know as long as God is on the throne (and he is not going to vacate it just in case the devil ever tries to convince you otherwise), we all go through trials in this life, but the good news is that “we go through”. Praise the Lord. We are more than conquerers through Him that loved us.

Happy New Year if I do not hear back or speak to you prior to 2009.

                                                                                                                                          Ron L.