41. Expound this to me more fully.
He received the Holy Spirit in full perfection with all His graces, that He may lavish them upon us and distribute them, each according to the measure and portion which the Father knows to be expedient (Eph. 4:7). Thus we may draw from Him as from a fountain all the spiritual blessings we possess.

Jesus’ ministry was intended to administer grace to us. The Father’s purposes for his Son was that he would be the all-sufficient Savior and Mediator of blessing. Through his obedience, including his death and resurrection, he has secured blessings and gifts that are mediated to us now that he sits at the Father’s right hand (4:7-10).

Our Lord, then, is the “fountain” of “all the spiritual blessings we possess”. As Paul said in Ephesians 1, we have received every spiritual blessing “in the heavenly places in Christ” (1:3). God has chosen us as adopted sons and daughters in Christ (1:4-6). God has redeemed us in Christ through his blood (1:7). God has lavished on us the riches of his grace (1:7-8). God illumines our minds with his purposes for the ages in Christ (1:8-10). God has given us an inheritance in Christ and sealed us with his Holy Spirit as a down payment to ensure us that the inheritance is real and secure (1:12-14). Without Jesus, there would be no spiritual blessings. He is the fountain.

This is why we have sung for generations now,

“Come, Thou Fount of ev’ry blessing
Tune my heart to sing Thy praise
Streams of mercy, never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise”.

We look to no other for spiritual blessings. There is only one stream from which to drink the water of life. This “Fount”, the only Fount, is the Prophet, Priest and King.