Many of you have heard now about the beating that singer Rihanna received from her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown. I’m angered that any man would mistreat any woman with such abuse of any kind, whether it be verbal, emotional or physical. We weren’t created to beat women, but to lead, provide for and protect women.

In God’s providence, John Piper posted a blog piece on a girl in Minneapolis that was allowed to wrestle with the boys for high school competitions. His words are very clear about what it means to be a man. He writes,

There is a way to honor a woman. That’s our job as men. This honor “understands” something. It understands that women are the “weaker vessel.” This has nothing to do with less personal worth and in many cases not even with physical stamina. It has to do with pervasive realities that shape the way healthy societies work.

It means that we should raise sons to think of themselves as protectors. Tell them they should lay their lives down to protect girls. Help them know that God designed them to grow up to be a picture of Jesus in their marriage. Nurture the instinct of a boy to fight for girls not against them.

Also, Voddie Baucham has just published a book on the kind of man that he wants to marry his daughter, entitled What He Must Be…If He Wants to Marry My Daughter. Thabiti has decided to blog through the book on his blog.

And Eric Redmond’s book, Where Are All the Brothers? is very helpful for reaching out to unchurched men in your community.

Thank God again for the church. We are called to be a prophetic witness to society on what it means to be men. And thank God again for godly men in the church who have accepted the call to reach out to disciple other men. I pray that this discipleship will again show the world the difference that Christ makes.