I’ve had the new Israel Houghton CD, The Power of One, for a few days now, and I’ve listened to it quite a few times. I enjoy the hat tips to other artists here, but my goodness, how many can there be in one CD?! Consider:

  • Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” (“Surely Goodness”)
  • The Police’s “Wrapped Around My Finger” (“Surely Goodness”)
  • U2’s “One” (“The Power of One”)
  • Almost every Sly and the Family Stone song (“U R Loved” and “Better to Believe”)
  • John Mayer’s “Who Did You Think I Was” (U R Loved”)
  • Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” (“I Receive”)
  • Prince’s “1999” (“Saved by Grace”)
  • Sting’s “Fields of Gold” (“Sing Redemption’s Song”)

That aside, I did enjoy the music. That is definitely the highlight of the CD. I wish he could have worked a little harder on the lyrics.