Ed McMahon was the right hand man of the greatest late-night performer in television history, Johnny Carson. He had the best seat in the house every night for thirty years. He is a legend in television history. This week he breathed his last.

Farrah Fawcett was “the girl next door” during her fame in the 1970’s. She was one of the most beautiful women in entertainment during her day. She was Charlie’s Angel. She is another legend in television history. Today, after a long fight with cancer, she breathed her last.

Michael Jackson was, at his peak, the most popular man alive. His Thriller album still stands as the best-selling album of all time. Arguably the most popular pop artists of this generation are only following in his footsteps. His bizarre off-stage antics virtually invented the modern tabloid culture. He is a legend in entertainment. Today, he breathed his last.

What are we to learn from all of this? If there is one thing for us to learn, it is this: people, no matter how influential, no matter how popular, no matter how powerful, are in the end people. No matter how much our celebrities are idolized, they are mere humans. No matter how big they seem to be in our eyes, in the end, they die.

Listen up, TMZ! You are wasting your lives! You follow celebrities’ every move because you think it matters. They are not gods. They are humans. And one day you too will die!

Listen up, fans and groupies! You put up your posters and buy the merchandise of your gods and goddesses. You look up to them and want to be just like them when you grow up. But they are not gods. They are humans. And one day, you too will die!

Listen up, entertainment-crazed America! You give billions of dollars to your heroes. You want so badly to believe that they are invinvible. They are not. And neither are you. No matter how highly you exalt them, you are just putting on masks. We all die. That is the main point. That is the curse. No amount of celebrity can overcome that.

We all die. But one got back up! There is one who conquered the grave. There is one who not only removed the curse of death, but also can remove the cause of your death as well– sin. All of the athletes, celebrities and politicians will eventually die. If you want a hero, look to Christ.