The hardest and saddest day of my life was May 30, 2009. On that day my Bride and I realized that we were losing our unborn child after a short pregnancy. I can still remember the tears that we shared and the tears that our church family shared with us. I remember the tears that our parents and relatives shared with us over the phone. Why would God take a child from us?

During that time I was preparing a series through Proverbs 16 on the providence of God. I would be preaching during my vacation in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. I never thought that God would give me a taste of how hard his providence can be! But it was a good lesson. God sovereignly orchestrates all the events of history to fulfill his good purpose– the good of his people for the glory of his name.

A few weeks later, after we had returned back to Texas, my Bride complained about not feeling so well. At first we thought it was the result of the different climates– after all, we had been in four states in just a few weeks. She also noticed, though, that the feeling she had was familiar… She got out of bed late one night while I was sleeping to see why this feeling felt so familiar. A few minutes later she turned the bedroom light on– a sure way to wake me up– and told me that she had something important to tell me. She was, somehow, pregnant again!

We couldn’t figure out how she was pregnant. If her dates were correct, this was only two weeks after her miscarriage. How could another baby be there so quickly? After going to the doctor, we found out the answer. When she miscarried, her body treated it as if she were going through her cycle once again. Thus, in just a few weeks, her body was ready to bear children again.

What a testament to the providence of God! Only he could recover a body so quickly. Only he could provide a child in the womb merely weeks after removing another one. How skillful are his ways!

But that’s not all. Because the doctors think that her body treated the miscarriage as a period, May 30 is the date we use as the date of her last period. That means that the day that ended our previous baby’s life is the day that we use for the start of the new baby’s life. Only God would turn the hardest, saddest day of our lives into a day of rejoicing! How great is his steadfast love!

I say all of this because I want you to know that God will not, he cannot forsake his beloved. He is faithful to his promise never to leave us nor forsake us. He provides mercy to the brokenhearted. And he turns our sadness into joy. This is only so because God is exactly who he says he is– the LORD Most High!