Hampton University is hosting the National Summit on Marriage, Parenting and Families on September 29-30. Here is what they envision:

A gathering of some of the nation’s most influential leaders in an historic and groundbreaking public conversation about marriage and family relationships. The event will serve as a catalyst for nationwide attention to these important issues and a call to action. The Summit will inspire all who participate in and observe or hear about it to take action, both individually and collectively to transform marriages, empower parents and strengthen families.

This will also be the launching pad for the National Center on African American Marriages and Parenting, which will be led by Dr. Linda Malone-Colon, who wrote a very good op-ed piece recently entitled, “Why the black community can’t talk about marriage”.

As HU prepares to join the discussion, please pray that God would raise up gospel-centered local churches in black communities who can proclaim and model what black homes can look like when Christ is supreme in them. If you care about the glory of God spreading for the joy of all peoples, then pray fervently for God to save marriages and families.