Here is Eric Redmond’s recommendation for Milan Ford’s new book, 83 Things I Wish the Black Church Would Stop Doing:

83 Things needs to be a stocking stuffer. Do not get dad another tie, shirt, sweater or 3-pack of socks. Mom does not need another scarf, gloves and hat set. Your adult son does not need a gift card to a video games store and your adult daughter already needs to go through her closet and weed out her has-not-been-worn-in-24-months-outfits (and shoes) and go clothe a whole shelter of homeless women. No, your Cousin Mookie – known to others as Deacon Johnson, Trustee Williams, or the man who holds the door for everyone on Sunday morning – needs 83 Things. Your Aunt LeLe (which would be anything from Linda to Maleah to Lee Ann to Alexis) – known to others as Deaconess Jones, the choir director, or that mean, bad-weave-wearing-lady in the church everyone tip-toes around – needs 83 Things (and a wig).  Your co-worker at the Word of Faith or Prosperity Gospel church across town needs this from his/her Secret Santa at the office. (If you do not have Mookies and LeLes in your family or ethnic community, think hard about the people who work around you, look more like me than they do like you, and go to church. That is who needs this book from you.)

The book also has a website.