For those who haven’t heard, my Bride and I have welcomed into the world another beautiful baby. Our first girl was born on February 11, 2010. Here name is Mikaiya Joelle.

Why such an unusual name like Mikaiya (pronounced Mi-kI-yuh)? Well, There’s a long answer and a short answer. First, the long answer: ‘Mikaiya’ is a variation of the name ‘Micah’ or ‘Micaiah’ in the Bible. We just sort of turned it into a girl’s name (much like my parents did with my sister Elisha).

The name is actually a compound name. If you break down Micah in the Hebrew, you get “Mi” “Ka” and “Yah”. “Mi” means “who”, “Ka” means “like” and “Yah” is the abbreviated form of God’s name, “Yahweh”. Thus, the name means, “Who is like Yah?” It is obviously a rhetorical question, for no one is like him! And seeing all that he has brought us through in this pregnancy, what better question to ask?

  • She was conceived two weeks after we miscarried. The nurses confirmed that she was not a twin, yet the doctor said that a new baby so quickly was medically improbable (though, being a believer himself, he added, “But nothing is impossible with God.”)
  • We almost thought that she was stillborn when she was not moving. After going through tests, we heard that she was perfectly fine, though not much of a mover
  • God brought the biggest snow day in North Texas history on the day that she was born. This provided work and school closings for two days, two babysitters (one of whom came home early from a conference hours away because of the snow), no traffic, and an empty labor/delivery floor (all the nurses were watching us for most of the time). While many complained because of the snow, I gave praise to God for his creative providence!
  • God also brought her into the world on February 11. This allowed us to have the baby at Baylor Southwest, just before they move their labor and deliver section to the downtown hospital. We enjoyed the nurses and staff, just as we did when Noah was born there a few years earlier.

I don’t know what God has in store for my Lil’ Petite. I pray fervently for her salvation and growth in godliness, just as I do for my boys. But God has already shown that he intends to display his uniqueness through her life. For that reason, we wanted her name to communicate that uniqueness.

A short answer would be that, well, it’s a pretty name, and it was my turn to name the baby:)