A lot of things happen in a semester that make me stop to thank God. I am so grateful for the lessons learned in the classroom and out of the classroom, on campus and off campus. This has been the most challenging semester I’ve had, but the blessings were priceless. To recap:

  • I led a Bible study investigating Calvinism through most of the semester at my home church here
  • We welcomed our first daughter into the world this semester, Mikaiya Joelle
  • I preached through Jonah in Fort Wayne, IN
  • I endured tonsilitis and a throat infection that kept me from classes and work two weeks before finals, but gave me the rest that I needed for that long haul
  • I took 16 credits this semester, which should set me up nicely to graduate next semester, Lord willing

Through it all I’ve seen God’s faithfulness in my beautiful Bride and my growing children. I thank God for them and for their patience, even though seminary asks increasingly more from Daddy every semester. I pray that I will remain faithful in my calling to my home.

Through the trials and the hardships and the straining, God has continued to mold and shape me. I’m thankful for my professors this semester: Dr. Mark Taylor (Exegesis of James), Dr. Calvin Pearson (Advanced Expository Preaching), Dr. Cky Carrigan (Revival Evangelism Practicum), Dr. Craig Blaising (Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology) and Dr. Michael Wilson (Applied Ministry: Mentoring). I’ve seen his mercies renewed every morning. I’m eager for what he has in store for me in the fall. But until then, of course, I’ll enjoy the much-needed summer break!