Ten years ago I walked onto the Washington Bible College campus as a new student. I remember thinking that this was a probationary semester: if I did not grow deeper in the Word this semester, I wanted to leave. Four years later, I graduated and was well-prepared for my current time in seminary and ministry.

I thank God for the men who were faithful to teach me and to mentor me– Eric Redmond, John Talley, Steve Layne, Ken Burge, Dave Shive, Carl Sanders, and so many others. I thank God for the hermeneutics and biblical studies courses that I ‘endured’ during those years, which shaped the way that I handle the Scriptures and view life to this day.

I thank God for the countless friendships that started on that campus and continue to this day. How can I forget the late nights in Jim McCaffrey and Dan Kaufman’s room, or the songs that Roderick Montgomery and Larry Thompson would sing to encourage each other in the Lord? Or the many conversations over theology that lasted through the night, usually ending up at Plato’s diner at College Park? Or the great times we had in the praise band as we wrestled with the meaning and gravity of worship, both personal and corporate? Or the Thursday night dinners and Mom and Dad Beall’s? Or the frequent trips to Mom Mook’s window for a mint and the kindest hello? Or that ten years ago I met the woman who would become my wife, the mother of my three children and my best friend?

As I look back on those years, I praise God! I can’t believe that ten years ago, I stepped into Bible Doctrines class with Dave Gough and Bibliology with Layne. I would not be here in seminary, on the verge of finishing my masters program and very serious about starting my doctoral study, without those years of serious study at WBC. I never would have known that a probational semester would become a lifetime of memories.