This past month has been a whirlwind of ministry for the family and me. I was able to do more preaching than usual. I praise God for the opportunities to make his Word known. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I was able to preach Matthew 1:18-25 at Rosen Heights Baptist Church in Fort Worth. I emphasized the significance of the virgin birth to God’s plan to save his people. I thank Michael Jackson for the invitation, and I pray that the church will continue to worship the God who came to us to save us and to be with us forever.
  • I then preached Luke 2:8-20 at Jesus Messiah Evangelical Free Church in Hanover, PA. I emphasized how those who receive the good news of Christ’s coming experience great joy and spread that joy to others. I thank Pastor Art Woods for his continuous encouragement and prayers, and I pray that the church will continue in faithfulness to the gospel.
  • Next I preached Hebrews 2:14-18 at Open Gate Ministries in Waldorf, MD. I emphasized that God had to become like us so that through his death we would be delivered from death and sin. I thank Pastor Mark Roberson for the invitation and continuous encouragement, and I pray that the church will be a witness to Charles County that our Great High Priest has grace to give to those who call out to him.
  • Last, I preached Ephesians 1:8-10 at Reformation Alive Baptist Church in Temple Hills, MD. I emphasized that God has blessed us with the secret of his will– that all history will one day come together under the headship of Christ. I thank Pastor Eric Redmond for his wisdom, encouragement and prayers, and I pray that this young church would magnify Christ in all of life. I thank God for the opportunity to preach his Word.

This month has really worked to recalibrate my mind to Christ. I pray that God will graciously give more opportunities in 2011 to proclaim the glories of his beloved Son!

I also thank God for my precious Bride. Over and over again people came up to me to tell me how gracious and sweet-spirited she is. I am so grateful that my best friend is also my partner in ministry, and I pray that she only continues to grow in her love for Jesus and for his Bride.