In the last 24 hours, there has been a bit of a gender divide in the Locke household. As I watched the NFL draft with eager anticipation, my Bride reserved her attention for the royal wedding that happened later. Interestingly, both events involved people of great wealth and prominence (draft- team owners, wedding- a prince). Both events also involved people of great wealth and prominence choosing someone of lesser wealth and prominence (draft- college players, wedding- a commoner). Both events also involved a choice for the ‘normal’ people to positions of great wealth and prominence (NFL athlete, princess).

Both events would almost fit well as biblical metaphors. After all, there is a God of infinite wealth and prominence, and we definitely are not. God did choose us to become his own, and it does guarantee us infinite wealth and prominence as we will share in the glory and kingdom to come.

Yet there is one major difference between these stories and the biblical story. In both the draft and the royal wedding, SOMETHING in the lesser people caused the greater to turn their heads. For the college players, each had a particular skill or work ethic or personality that drew the owners and coaches to them. For the royal wedding, it was beauty and personality.

But God did not choose us on the basis of our skills. In fact, we were not even alive to display any skills or beauty to him (Eph. 1:3). Rather, God acted in unprecedented grace toward sinners in saving us before the ages began (2 Tim. 1:9).

So while we marvel at these fairy tale stories, marvel anew at a far better story– God, before the ages, chose to save sinners through the work of his Son, to magnify his grace and to assure us of his love forever. This is a story that men and women (and God!) will enjoy forever.