Papers and Sermons


These are papers and sermons that I have done. Feel free to read and make copies, as I only write and preach for the glory of God. However, please use with integrity. Do not claim as yours something that is indeed not yours.

Seminary Papers

Hardened Hearts, Sovereign Mercy

Sex and the City of God

Love the Sojourner

Miscellaneous Papers

Approaching a Biblical Understanding of Genocide in the Conquest of Canaan

Post-High School and the Plan of God

Miscellaneous Sermons

The Goal of Knowing God (Psalm 100)download

Extreme Makeover: Your New Life in Christ (Ephesians 4:17-32)download

He Acts Just Like His Daddy (John 5:19-30)download

Every Time Is Time to Praise the LORD (Psalm 145)download

Your Money, Your Soul, Your God (Matthew 6:19-24) |  download

Don’t Worry (Matthew 6:25-34)download

The Church that Evicted Jesus (Rev. 3:14-22)download

The Spirit’s Work in a Hostile World (John 15:18-16:15)download

Exposing the Ugliness of Idolatry in God’s Temple (Ezekiel 8-9)download

Becoming a Church That’s Thankfully All about Jesus (Colossians 3:15-17)download

The King of the king is Comin’ to Town (2 Samuel 6) | download

Bless When Distressed (1 Peter 3:8-17) | download


A Fresh Awakening (revival series through the book of Jonah)

A Fresh Awakening to the Sovereign God (Jonah 1) | download

A Fresh Awakening to the Saving God (Jonah 2) | download

A Fresh Awakening to the Turning God (Jonah 3-4) | download


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